Club History

By Robert Bartram, 2007

Updated by Ginnette Loft, 2020


The Cairn Terrier Club of NSW was formed in 1964 and at the inaugural AGM held on 17 April 1964 MR KEN LOWE a well known terrier exhibitor and judge was elected President.

MR LOWE was President in 1964 and 1965 and after there was some irregularity discovered in the voting at the 1966 AGM took over as President again for the balance of the year. MR J COWLEY served as President from April until July of that year when a SGM was called to resolve the problem.

In 1967 MR A H MURRAY took over and served for two years.His son MR A E MURRAY took over as President in 1969 and served until 1976 when MR C BEVES took over.

BRIAN LASSINI was elected in 1981 and served a total of 4 years in two different spells.

ROSEMARY BOYD, still active in the Club and a much valued Life Member and current Patron, served the Club as President 4 times 1983, 1997, 1998 and 1999.

ALAN BARKER was elected in 1990 but resigned later the same year to take over as Secretary. His role was taken over by C J (JEAN) GROOM and she served as President until 1993


MARGARET HILL served as President from 1994 to 1996 and Patron of the Club until her death in 2018.


MICHAEL DERBYSHIRE took over as President in 2000 at a time of great turmoil and dissent within the Club and served until 2004. It would quite possibly not be overstating the case to say that it was his guidance and wise counsel which ensured the Club’s survival


In 2004 it was decided that as there were not enough members still active in the Sydney area to keep the Club afloat. It was necessary to move the base of operations to the Southern Highlands. At the 2005 AGM expatriate Scot BOB ROBERTSON resident in Bungendore took over as President and continues to serve at the current time.

MRS ELIZABETH MURRAY was elected Secretary at the Inaugural meeting in 1964 and served until 1973. The Murrays, both parents and son, were dedicated to the breed and Club and did much to put both on a firm footing in the early days.

MARGARET HILL took over from Mrs Murray in 1973 and served through until 1991 when ALAN BARKER took over. He served until 1996. Margaret again took over in1997 and continued to serve until 2004.So in total Margaret served the Club as Secretary for the best part of 30 years with a stint as President thrown in for good measure. The good management over the Club over most of its life has been in no small measure due to her steadying influence.

When the clubs operational base moved south,  ROBERT BARTRAM based in Queanbeyan took on Secretary duties, followed by KATHRYN SMITH. The current Club Secretary is GINNETTE LOFT (since 2019) and meetings have moved to an online format.