The Cairn Terrier Club of NSW aims to:

  • encourage the ethical breeding of Cairns;
  • encourage the exhibition and responsible ownership of Cairns;
  • act as a reference and support source for cairn owners; and
  • safeguard the breed’s best interests in NSW and nationally.



President – Amanda Bruce

Secretary – Ginnette Loft

Treasurer – Stephanie McDonald

Vice Presidents – Kim Stenning, Peter Miller

Committee - Lyndal Kelly, Donna Robinson, Annette Melia, Neil Robinson, Neil Curwen

Publicity – Ginnette Loft 

Puppy Officer – Lyndal Kelly

Patron – Rosemary Boyd

Show Manager – Neil Curwen



Postal - CTC NSW Secretary, PO box 1322 Queanbeyan NSW 2620

Ph: 0412217573 (Secretary)

Email: [email protected] (Secretary)







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